Job Description

Title:                    Fisheries Coordinator

Reports To:        Fisheries Resource Manager

Job Summary

The Fisheries Coordinator contributes to the overall success of the organization by effectively carrying out operational duties and coordinating support functions within the NSTC Fisheries Program while providing back up support to other departments of the Society.  This position focuses on providing effective, professional, and timely assistance and solutions to administrative needs and requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities

A: Operations:

  1. Assists the Fisheries Resource Manager (FRM) in developing and implementing an operational plan aligned with the strategic direction of the program and society
  2. Assists the Fisheries Resource Manager in meeting regularly with communities and natural Resource Staff to identify issues that are of concern to the community
  3. Attends meetings as directed by the FRM and prepare summaries of those proceedings
  4. Oversees the Catch Monitoring Program, including assistance in hiring and orientation of staff
  5. Oversees and maintains the FSC Database
  6. Oversees and participates in fisheries projects as required and directed by the FRM
  7. Prepares monthly submissions to the Lexey’em and other mediums to communicate current fisheries issues

B:  Administrative:

  1. Performs day-to-day administrative/clerical duties, including filing, photocopying, faxing and processing correspondence, as well as keeping the office organized and well maintained
  2. Prepares for team meetings including organizing notifications, agendas, facilities, and preparing packages
  3. Coordinates the scheduling of fisheries program activities, including developing and disseminating schedules
  4. Maintains the NSTC Fisheries database and other computerized files
  5. Records meeting minutes; types and disseminates minutes in a timely manner to appropriate parties consistent with organizational standards. Ensures meeting minutes are properly stored
  6. Assists colleagues in the completion of timesheets, travel, invoices, etc.

C:  Other Related Duties:

  1. Anticipates the needs of the Fisheries Resource Manager and takes the steps necessary to ensure that information and support is provided in a timely manner
  2. Provides reminders of deadlines, meetings, etc., and remains aware of FRM’s schedule
  3. Provides assistance to team members/managers for special projects, including conducting preliminary research and coordinating reports and documentation
  4. Designs and prepares presentations, spreadsheets, charts, and forms
  5. Drafts proposals, reports, flyers or newsletters, emails and other documentation
  6. Develops proposals and recruitment of seasonal employees to support the Fisheries Program
  7. Provides orientation to new fisheries staff
  8. Ensures proper labour standards and conditions of employment are maintained
  9. Identifies staff development and training needs and assists in the coordination of that training
  10. Maintains office inventory for fisheries unit and liaises with Operations Coordinator to ensure asset protection procedures are met
  1. Other duties as assigned or required

The duties listed are provided as examples of area of responsibility and are not intended to create limits to responsibility but to help understand the scope of the position.  All staff are expected to be team oriented and maintain confidentiality of all information gained while working with the organization.



  1. Diploma in Natural Resources Management, Fish Biology, or a related field


  1. Two years’ natural resources experience in a similar position, or related experience
  2. Experience supervising and managing staff would be an asset


The Fisheries Assistant/Coordinator should demonstrate competence in some or all of the following:

  1. Team Player – Facilitates team effectiveness by actively participating in ways that respect the needs and contributions of others and assists in achieving organizational goals
  2. Influence and Impact – Uses knowledge of situations to identify potential impacts and uses persuasion, presentation, or negotiation to convince others to adopt a specific course of action
  3. Communicates Information – Communicates and discusses with team critical information including rationale behind decisions. Creates an environment where open honest communication is valued and develops strong, cooperative relationships
  4. Quality – Sets and attains quality standards that meet or exceed requirements
  5. Planning and Organizing – Establishes and plans a clear course of action, involving others as appropriate, managing activities and monitoring results to accomplish specific goals and timetables
  6. Flexible and Adaptable – Gains an understanding of the situation and recognizes the need to adapt or change. Appreciates the value of different individuals or groups, perspectives and is flexible in responding to the situation

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Knowledge of fisheries resource management principles, issues, initiatives and field practices
  2. Proficiency in the use of computer programs for word processing, databases, spreadsheets, email and the internet to the intermediate level (capable and confident of using a large number of functions)
  3. Must have some administrative, budgetary, organizational and communication skills, including technical writing skills and be willing to improve if necessary
  4. Ability to self-regulate, meet deadlines, pay attention to detail


  1. Two to four years of fisheries technical experience is essential
  2. Some administrative, clerical, coordination or executive support experience is an asset to this position and a desire to upgrade if necessary is essential

 Skills & Abilities:

1.Knowledge of fisheries resource management principles, practices, policies and procedures to consult with staff and various other governing bodies and agencies

2.Understanding of issues, techniques, initiatives and programs related to conservation and restoration of fish, fish habitats and watersheds

3.Proficiency in the use of computer programs for word processing, databases, spreadsheets, email and the internet, to the Intermediate level (capable of using a large number of functions and feel confident using the program)

4.Ability to work independently and build effective interpersonal relationships

5.Ability to self-regulate, meet deadlines, have attention to detail, and respect confidentiality

 Specialized Knowledge:

1.Knowledge of Aboriginal Rights and Title (ART)

2.Court Cases and precedent law in regard to ART and Consultation and Accommodation

3.Knowledge of local conditions, ecological factors, environmental and political issues related to natural resources

 Working Conditions

  1. Office environment. Most services are provided immediately. Employee must be aware of the sensitivity, confidentiality and urgency of requests while balancing other work commitments
  2. Travel to other related organization locations
  3. Ability to perform the physical requirements of the job, which may include field work, walking along rivers, streams, heavy lifting and adverse weather conditions
  4. Receives moderate supervision with less frequent direction and review of the work performed

 Conditions of Employment

  1. Must be able to obtain and maintain a Criminal Records Check
  2. Must be able to obtain and maintain a valid BC Driver’s Licence (Class 5)

General Category:

  1. Operates as part of a team and is flexible about the boundaries and functions of the job
  2. Maintains open and professional communications with co-workers, board members and all others who do business with the society or member bands
  3. Ensures that all internal and external deadlines are met
  4. Travels as required in the performance of their job
  5. Serves on committees as directed by the Supervisor
  6. Takes responsibility for identifying upgrading of personal skills necessary to perform job duties
  7. Successfully completes all training courses undertaken at the direction of Executive Director
  8. Maintains confidentiality of all information seen, heard or obtained by virtue of employment
  9. Recognizes and respects all cultural diversity and has an understanding of Aboriginal culture

Send your resume and cover letter along with 3 work related references to:

Marg Shelley

Executive Director

Northern Shuswap Tribal Council Society

17 South 1st Ave, Williams Lake, BC   V2G 1H4

Or by email:

Application Deadline:  May 11, 2020 by 4 pm.