Traditionally, Northern Secwepemc communities shared in the caring for their children, Elders, and
those in need. This shared value of collective responsibility ensured the well-being and sustainability of
the culture, community, and individual members. Destructive colonial practices such as residential
schools, the sixties scoop and the current child welfare system have eroded the practice of traditional
family laws that have guided parents and communities in the care of children. Despite history, the
Northern Secwepemc te Qelmucw can look to their stories that provide guidance and validate what
NSTQ communitiies already know about raising their children.

The journey to reclaim jurisdiction over the care of their Northern Secwepemc children has been long.
All four Nations of the NSTQ have come together to achieve this goal and share a vision that puts
children first and supports them with strong families, strong communities and a strong Nation that is
connected to the land.  NSTQ is reclaiming jurisdiction for children and families by revitalizing traditional laws and customs, exploring program and services to support communities to practice what they already know to ensure children grow up safe and healthy, and strengthen relationships with other Nations so that we can help each other ensure the well being of our children.



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Child & Family Program Manager