The Communications team at the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council is committed to serving all NStQ members.

The team is responsible for communicating Treaty information with Urban or Off-Reserve members, as well as all the members of the four communities.

NSTC Communications schedule and plan three major events a year for off-reserve members with an annual event, the Citizens Assembly, open to all members in May.

The people’s website is maintained by the NSTC Communications staff who regularly update the content and include submissions from the Nations.

The quarterly full colour magazine Lexey’em is photographed, written, edited and published by communications staff in consultation with the Treaty department. The publication is released on the first of the season. Next release is June 21st.

Since June 2020 the Communications staff have created, administered and deployed an off-reserve COVID food and personal protective equipment supply program for members at risk. The program concluded on March 31st, 2021.

The NSTC Communications team maintain social media sites including two Facebook pages (one for members and one for non-members), Instagram and Twitter.

The daily operational requirements for NSTC Communications include regular checks of local, provincial and national news outlets, government press releases and statements from other Nations.

The NSTC Board of Directors relies on the expertise of communications staff to identify opportunities for creating a wider public knowledge of the history and traditions of NStQ people. This includes issuing press releases and statements challenging public misconceptions.

Internal communications within the Tribal Council include the participation of communications staff with reports to the Treaty Team, Leadership, Senior Managers and the Executive Director.

Communications staff support the Treaty Manager and Communications Coordinators working in the four communities in a variety of ways including special events, broadcasts, filming, technical advice, special projects, writing and equipment.

The NSTC Communications team supports all of the departments at the NSTC and their initiatives with access to the website, social media, publications and technical considerations.

The expansion of the communications team has led to the redevelopment of the protected confidential membership list. This will be available in mid-2021 as a searchable database which can be shared between NStQ Nations and the NSTC